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Guiding individuals who struggle with anxiety, limiting beliefs, lack self worth & self compassion with holistic and mindfulness techniques to love their most authentic selves.




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Meet Your Coach

Sara Foster-Certified Self-Love Coach and Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner

Hey there beautiful soul! Thank you so much for visiting my website and considering me as your personal Self-Love coach. If you're here, I am guessing you are dealing with some anxiety/mental health issues, limiting beliefs, low self esteem, and are not giving yourself the care and love that you need. I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

I have been there; I've dealt with all of the above. I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression when I was 14; since then, I have been in battle with my own brain. I have believed the lies my brain and illnesses were telling me; I have fallen into the darkest places; I truly believed that I was not good enough, I was a burden to everyone, and I am not even worth living. To cope, I turned to unhealthy habits, such as emotional eating, which only led me to hate myself even more.

I have been in therapy for years, and have been on numerous medications (still am). Though I spent many years on a rollercoaster of healing and then falling back in the arms of my mental illnesses, I can honestly say that the true healing began in 2020. The world felt like it was crashing down around us, but during that time, I decided it was time for me to get serious about loving myself and truly healing. I cultivated new and healthy habits, the very first one being to practice gratitude. I learned how to love myself, even on the bad days when Anxiety and Depression has their grip on me. I learned that even if I have a setback, it doesn't mean my journey is over; I take care of myself, with whatever I need, and then I keep going.

Long story long, this is what led me to be a Self-Love coach. I guide individuals through all the hard shit, like anxiety, limiting beliefs, low self worth, to help you become the most authentic you, so you can love you-every part of you. I see you, I hear you, and I understand. I cannot wait to work together! 🖤

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Authentically You Program

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Can you imagine a day where you are living your best life being your authentic self? Can you imagine looking in the mirror and seeing someone beautiful; someone who is not afraid to be themself; who knows they are perfect just the way we are? I want to help you have those days where you feel that way and are living your best life.You have what you desire already inside you; believe me! You know what you want your life to look like. When we envision it, it's exciting, and scary. When we struggle with mental illness, or struggle with any sort of anxiety and limiting belief, that inner voice tells us that we do not deserve that life. It tells us that we are every bad thing under the sun. it wants to keep us down. Guess what, that voice is dead fucking wrong. The full Flower Moon that happens in May represents the growth and blooming that will happen within us. You have the seeds already planted. In order for you to bloom, you need to give yourself some love; that's where I come in. I am here to guide you through the fears, by introducing mindfulness techniques and holistic approaches for you to implement. With this program, you will be able to push away those fears, look it in the eye and say "I am worthy and deserving of that life I envision, and you will no longer stop me," and truly live as the beautiful, and Authentically You.

What Is Featured In The Authentically You Program:

  • 16 weeks of 1 on 1 coaching, includes: 90 minute zoom sessions; the first month will be sessions every week. After that sessions will be alternating every other week, with check ins on an off-week. This format allows us to dig deep during sessions and allow you time to process our discussions and to implement new habits. 60 minutes dedicated to coaching, 30 minutes dedicated to receiving Reiki and Oracle card pulling (card pull optional)
  • Journaling prompts that have you dive deep within your shadows, prompting self-discovery and healing.
  • Mindset shifting: you will be given worksheets that will be used to shift your inner voice. I will be encouraging you through small steps to get you to a point of self acceptance where you are able to automatically shift that negative voice to a more neutral, and positive voice. These worksheets will go along with your journal prompts.
  • Mindfulness techniques, such as: a personalized meditation, breath work, grounding exercises, gratitude practice.
  • Goal setting; finding the "why" in your goals.
  • Creating a Vision Board
  • Creating daily routines.

1:1 Coaching-Individual Call

  • 60 minute session (includes oracle card pull)- $75

Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that has been performed for thousands of years. It is done by a certified Reiki practitioner by laying hands on or over the body and channeling energy to reduce stress (physically and mentally) and promote relaxation. Holy Fire Reiki is a very powerful form of Reiki. It is an upgraded energy that contains pure source energy and contains a frequency of divine unconditional love. Holy Fire Reiki taps into the subconscious and targets emotions that are repressed by the individual and brings them love and light.

  • 60 minute session (includes oracle card pull)-$85


See what these beautiful souls said about their coaching and Reiki sessions...

"My session with Sara was very nurturing . Sara brings a very humble and wise energy to the session which really allowed me to feel calm and safe."


"The coach (Sara) was engaged, receptive, and supportive throughout the entire session. Excellent listening skills, and knew when to chime in and when to remain quiet. She was very mindful and in the moment, with no distractions. I feel we established and worked on my goal, and will continue to work on it. She was able to assess my situation and ask the right questions, which really got me thinking and I was able to come to the conclusion myself which was powerful. We really did go to the root and emotions came up that I have now dealt with. A burden has been lifted. I would recommend again and again. A very intense yet positive experience overall."


"Before our call last night, I was feeling frustrated in and resentful in my family relationships. In the beginning of the call, Sara immediately set the tone for the call my ensuring that it was a safe, judgement-free zone for me to share whatever I was going through, to which I felt this was very accurate throughout the call. Sara not only listened to my experiences and made them feel validated, but also picked up on little things that even I'm not aware of, like my body language and the language I use towards myself. By picking up on these little non-verbal clues, Sara made me feel heard, validated, and much more confident by the end of the call. I also loved the oracle card pull that she ended the call with, as the card she pulled for me was extremely fitting for the topics we discussed. I highly recommend anyone struggling with any type of issue to work with Sara!"


"Sara made me feel very comfortable during our session. From the very beginning she was calm and grounded which allowed me to open up and share. She listened intently and had a beautiful way of offering a new perspective without judgement. She offered great tips for me to implement right away. She also pulled a beautiful Tarot card for me and the message resonated with me so much! I felt seen and heard the entire time and left feeling much lighter. Thank you again Sara!!"


"Thank you Sara for coaching me these past couple of weeks! Honestly our sessions brought up some childhood trauma that I didn’t even know I had. You also help me realize the things I needed to do to heal from them or start the healing process. You create a safe place for me and I’m grateful for that. Your journal prompts challenge my mindset to look into my life clearer. It help me start organizing my life. So thank you so much that. Your energy as a coach is very beautiful and safe. When you pull my card you were right on. You’re very spirituality aligned. I’m grateful for your guidance."


"I had a great call with Sara! She helped me realized what was underneath my struggle to focus and be consistent with my practices. She helped me make a super clear plan for getting back on track and provided a comfortable space to open up to her. She is very kind, understanding, and relatable - I would absolutely recommend working with her!"


"Sara is amazing, good energy, and gave me great advice. She reassured me that I was in safe place and I could share what I would I like to share. Very professional and vulnerable during our session. I really appreciate, Sara. I can’t thank you enough for your support."


"The session was amazing! I didn't expect it to be that eyes opener! She just ask the right questions that make you rethink everything and get easily to the reason! I love it! And her energy is so beautiful and accepting that I felt I can say things as they are without being judged! Thank you for this Sara! So much love to you ♥️♥️♥️"


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"Working with Sara was a complete blessing and was such a beautiful, validating, and comforting experience ❤ She taught me some VERY useful coping skills, while also helping to validate my emotions and experiences. Not only is she well-versed in her teachings, she is such a warm, loving, kind soul that made me feel so comfortable and truly loved. What makes work with her even more valuable, is she has her own mental health trials, so she comes forth with an empathetic heart. From my work with her, I not only gained valuable skills, but a friend ❤ My reiki session with her was also very therapeutic, and enlightening. I felt comfortable being vulnerable with her, and like she truly cared. She is such a beautiful person and I would love to invest in further work with her one day. Self-love is SO important to cultivate in everyday life, and I feel she is the PERFECT person to guide anyone on their journey towards further self-love.

From someone who has experienced multiple therapists, I believe my work with Sara was more valuable and that she comes from a very relatable place. I would recommend anyone looking to further their self-love, to consider working with Sara. Let her guide you on your path, it will be SO worth it!!!"


"The reiki session was so good. I felt relaxed and a warm feeling come over me. Sara was so insightful and helped me confirm some thoughts I've been having that reinforced my self trust."


Thank you so much for the Reiki session yesterday ♥️ It was a new moon and couldn’t come in better timing. I felt so relaxed and had color visions which was unique. What I experienced felt powerful but safe. The cards you pulled and the messages you had all confirmed that this was divine. You have a special magic within you to be able to reach the realms of my spirit team. Low key I feel like they really liked you lol but seriously. 🧡 I’m still processing everything because it’s a lot but in a good way. Thanks for sharing your gift.


I struggled with the idea of looking for help for most of my life. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone to have my best intentions in mind. Sara’s kindness reached me and helped me. She helped me develop skills so I could help myself when I felt hopeless. It was one the easiest times I have ever had communicating with someone.